google vr for android

Google Reveals Daydream to Build a VR Ecosystem for Android

The development effort of Google’s VR has spent a long time since last two years to come to this level. Google first introduced its cheaper phone-base VR viewer, Cardboard. And now Google has introduced Google Daydream as a part of the IO Keynote- it is the upcoming platform of VR. This new VR platform is […]

Intel USB C

Intel Wants to Replace the 3.5mm Audio Jack with USB-C

Intel is introducing an audio jack USB-C which will kill the conventional audio jack of 3.5mm. For the previous 50 years audio playbask devices have depended on the 3.5mm audio jack (the ¼-inch audio jack is the predecessor of 3.5mm audio jack which is firstly used in 1879). Firstly Apple wanted to replace the conventional […]

google glass 2

Google Glass Specs and Price

Google has developed an amazing technology that everyone wants to have it for at least once. Actually it is not exactly a technology it is a gadget that is wearable. Google Glass is the name of that gadget. Google Glass is a gadget that is connected with your smartphone and you can control some features […]