facebook moments app

Facebook will Erase User’s Synced Photos if User Don’t Use Another One of its Apps

Facebook wants us to use all the services provided by them all the time, for every single thing such as messaging friends to transaction with them and hailing an Uber. But it would be great for the user if Facebook let the user decide that they are willing to use the photo-sharing app ‘Moments’, which […]

Now Google will Help People to Find Their Lost iPhone Also

Losing your Smartphone is completely sucks, that’s why Google included a feature to find your Smartphone by using “Find my phone” into search last year. Now Google has also added this feature on iOS so that you can find your lost iPhone also, isn’t that great news. Google is improving the tool with a great […]


To Compete with Google Assistant and Viv Microsoft is Making its Own Bot

We all are familiar with conversational bots, which can understand difficult voice commands and by following that command it can also complete tasks. Nowadays these conversational bots are rapidly becoming popular. Recently in this month the inventors of Siri revealed their creation VIv, which did two tasks very efficiently. These two tasks are, it ordered […]

microsoft and facebook building transatlantic cable

Microsoft and Facebook Want to Boost up the Web Speed with a 160 Tbps Transoceanic Cable

All the cellular networks and Wi-Fi we use is still made on well-old physical cables and the internet we use that is also built with these good-old technology physical cable. There is a gigantic fiber optic cables that is under the whole Atlantic Ocean. This wire technology didn’t change for a few years, so now […]

facebook shut down in vietnam

Facebook Closed in Vietnam Due to Obama’s Recent Visit

Facebook shut down in Vietnam during the visit of President Barack Obama. Interesting fact about this incident is that it wasn’t an accident. Access Now compiled the data, which has a tagline like this “fighting internet shutdowns around the world”. And that suggests Vietnam block access to Facebook off during the visit of Obama for […]

katana boat

Katana A Revolution to Maritime Security Made in Israel

Israel Aserospace Industries (IAI) has made an advanced, high-speed incredible boat for maritime. The latest Surface Vessel (USV) is named “Katana”, it’s a combat maritime system. There is an amazing technology of dual operational mode that allows for fully autonomous operation managed through an advanced command and control station. Key Features of Katana: Operational Capability […]