facebook shut down in vietnam

Facebook Closed in Vietnam Due to Obama’s Recent Visit

Facebook shut down in Vietnam during the visit of President Barack Obama. Interesting fact about this incident is that it wasn’t an accident. Access Now compiled the data, which has a tagline like this “fighting internet shutdowns around the world”. And that suggests Vietnam block access to Facebook off during the visit of Obama for its own upcoming elections.

Access Now also said that, some of the civil rights activists were arrested with the issue of Obama’s visit. A loose correlation made by the organization with the internet shutdowns affecting trade, which was also a purpose of Obama’s visit. This visit of Obama in Vietnam made a real chaos for the internet of that country.

Obama's Visit to aon ordinary restaurant

It is not the first time actually that Facebook has been shut down; it’s also been shut down in China, Iraq and India also. Facebook has always been a tool of government, so government can do shut off while it’s a fact of security issue.

If Obama’s visit was the real cause of Facebook’s shutdown in Vietnam then it would have been an awesome joke from Bourdrain’s tweet. Actually in that tweet Bourdrain didn’t mention the name of the President for a single time. So this is all a rumor that due to the visit of Obama Facebook has been shut down.

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