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Facebook will Erase User’s Synced Photos if User Don’t Use Another One of its Apps

Facebook wants us to use all the services provided by them all the time, for every single thing such as messaging friends to transaction with them and hailing an Uber. But it would be great for the user if Facebook let the user decide that they are willing to use the photo-sharing app ‘Moments’, which is provided by Facebook. Another thing is that Facebook is forcing user to use their photo-sharing app.

According to the report of TechCrunch, the social network Facebook is emailing their users to rebuke them to install ‘Moments’ the photo-sharing app from Facebook. The app released last July and it let the user to share photos privately with their friends.

In that message that is sent to the email of the users says that some photos from their Smartphone were synced with the cloud and they will be erased if they don’t install ‘Moments’ to collect them before July 7. All the synced photos are stored in a photo album named Synced.

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Now it is completely up to Facebook to take the decision that how it wishes to get user on board its various apps. TechCrunch says that, the technique of urging people to do so – as it did in the past like the case of Messenger by deleting the private chat feature in its main app – works. The notes of TechCrunch is absolultely right and I agree with them. Facebook can’t all the time force its user to install all the apps from them.

If ‘Moments’ is good enough and as amazing as Facebook thinks it is, obviously people will install it. But for that let us take the decision for ourselves you can’t just force us all the time. The email from Facebook is practically a threat to the user.

We will update this post if there is any sort of response from Facebook about this issue.

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