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Finally Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are Here

For years we have been waiting for the complete wireless Bluetooth earbuds. There are some wireless earbuds in the market but they are not capable of fulfilling the desire of us. Now the wait is over, because there is now completely wireless Bluetooth earbuds are here to fulfill your dream. We have always been dreamt of an earbud that has no wire.

We have seen some wireless models at CES or Kickstarter but those seemed materialize. That’s why we called all manufacturers of Bluetooth earbuds we could find. From those companies only some company had what seemed to be realistic plans for development and equal distribution. More fewer had the real test units ready.

wireless bluetooth earbuds 2016

Probably there is a vast upgrade over every other method of individually listening to music. A lot of Bluetooth headsets are over ear, large enough for the requisite sensors, and they added some kind of weird hub. The weird hub is made of plastic that rests like a collar on your neck. On the other hand they are rare enough that they still present as kind of dorky. But when you go without wires then you are smart enough to understand the fact. Actually going out without wires is just bliss. The in-line microphone doesn’t catch on your zipper of jacket and one more amazing fact is that there is nothing to untangle. No tangled wires that can make you suffer.

The process for pairing is similar as anything Bluetooth – press down the one button on every earbud for some time, until a British woman’s voice says you that it is pairing. Get the Apollo 7s from the Bluetooth section of your phone’s settings, and you are all set to start. It is a bit difficult than plugging wired headphones into your phone’s 3.5mm audio jack but there is something for you to cheer up that if you once pair with your phone than your phone will recognize the device in the future.

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