touch board starter kit

Give Life to Your Surroundings with the Futuristic Touch Board DIY Starter Kit

As we all know about some upcoming future technology, which is going to make our future cool. To make our future cool and easy many scientific organizations as well as scientist are working day and night with a great passion. Some of us could have predicted that our future is going to be this fun.

Good bunches of scientist have made a cool tech, which can bring your surroundings into life. The Touch Board DIY Starter Kit is the name of the tech. The tech is an amazing leap of real-life tech immersion that doesn’t require any previous tech experience. By using this scientific starter kit, user can build a user interactive environment. Another amazing spec of this tech is that user can also speak via any object around him/her, anywhere! For a limited time user can get this incredible gadget at a discounted price $139.99 on TNW Deals. $139.99 is nothing in front of the specs of this tech. So if you want to see the magic of this tech and what it can actually do go grab one of these gadgets.

touch board diy starter kit

Conductive paint lets you to create a whole ecosystem of sound effects and modified commands. You can do all this with limitless fun and resource potential with an easy-to-use ArduinoHeart microcontroller.

You can paint it on any surface virtually and it will conduct electricity and it will also give you some options for imaginative, interactive adventure.

The Touch Board DIY Starter Kit also has a MP3 preprogrammed which will allow you to play music in various latest ways, You can play music while you are virtually animate your surroundings. Give your plants a voice, with the help of this voice it will tell you when to give water to your plants. The amazing fact about this tech is that it doesn’t require any sort of programming or electronics to start.

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