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Google is Adding Some New Emojis to Kill Gender Discrimination

After the report of Google search engine last week Google has noticed that there are only two genders Male and Female who are using the search engine of Google. Now Google is trying to remove this scar and they are trying hard to win all the heart of other gender people also.

Google is now working with the Unicode Technical Committee to promote gender equality and they have decided to add emoji which may create the equality between genders. The emoji will “encourage young girls” and it will also reflect the “improvement of women’s careers” as well as “the important roles that women play in the world to make the world better.”

google new emoji

The Unicode Committee has agreed with the proposal of Google yesterday and they have decided to launch 11 latest “professional emoji” with different types of skin tone for both male and female. In this Professional emoji there will be 100 emoji in total.

According to Google, Unicode is still working on adding gender alternatives to 33 emoji those already exist. These new emoji will soon be available for Android and other platforms as well that supports emoji.

Google deserve a great sort of appreciations for this type of plan to change the discrimination is gender, but to achieve the goal of gender equality it will take more effort than this.

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