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Google Reveals Daydream to Build a VR Ecosystem for Android

The development effort of Google’s VR has spent a long time since last two years to come to this level. Google first introduced its cheaper phone-base VR viewer, Cardboard. And now Google has introduced Google Daydream as a part of the IO Keynote- it is the upcoming platform of VR. This new VR platform is previewed by Clay Bavor of Google. Bavor developed the need for a systems approach to VR; it is actually related to reducing latency. It often named the Motion to Photon time. Daydream is not a part of software and hardware, but it is a full set of reference designs and Android advancements that are aimed at introducing a vibrant VR ecosystem on Android gadgets.

google daydream vr

Search for Daydream-Ready Smartphones, with support in Android N

To enjoy the Google Daydream VR experience what type of smartphones user may need will soon be revealed by Google. Google will soon publish the specifications for smartphones that will be sufficient enough for a good Daydream VR. In those specs there will be these requirements – display, sensors, and compute power of the SoC. Most of the smartphones company are already working with Google on Daydream-ready devices, and Google expects them to begin coming to market this year. One interesting fact about this VR set, is that Daydream is made to gain a latency of under 20ms. This rate of latency is much slower than desktop VR companies consider acceptable for either comfortable screening of interactive content or action gaming. The latency rate of HTC and Oculus is around 11ms. That’s why they need to gain a lot more GPU horsepower, but it will be interesting to watch how many experiences will work in the slower 50fps world of Daydream, and how much discomfort may result.

Android N will get some system support for low-latency rate, as well as VR system UI, which is going to help evade the problem with smartphone-based VR today.

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