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Intel Wants to Replace the 3.5mm Audio Jack with USB-C

Intel is introducing an audio jack USB-C which will kill the conventional audio jack of 3.5mm. For the previous 50 years audio playbask devices have depended on the 3.5mm audio jack (the ¼-inch audio jack is the predecessor of 3.5mm audio jack which is firstly used in 1879). Firstly Apple wanted to replace the conventional 3.5mm audio jack altogether for the iPhone7, and now it seems that Intel is on the way with that plan as well. Though the plan of replacing 3.5mm jack from iPhone was a rumor.

Intel is working hard on developing USB-C for audio devices to kill this last vestige of typical analog communication. An expert said that the jack of a modern iPhone or Android phone is a little large in size and running the audio signal through the device without any interference or distortion is a non-trivial engineering problem. Removing of the 3.5mm audio jack will help the companies make thicker and lighter products.



USB-C can move analog audio already, but Intel is also trying to develop a digital audio standard for the data transfer protocol. Intel is improving the existing USB Audio Device Class 2.0 specification. This development will allow for headsets with integrated and enhanced audio processing technology. There are some features in the latest USB-C like DACs, aucoustic audio suppression, and noise cancellation. All this features will make the audio devices more awesome.

The USB-C will reduce the power consumption of your device so that you are not always out of power while listing to music with your headset. Digital headsets may use HDCP to prevent copying. This step could drive the cost of headset up and other technology also. One of the most advantage of separate headset jack is that user can plug their phone into a portable battery and still listen to music at the same time, which is a great feature of this new audio jack.


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