katana boat

Katana A Revolution to Maritime Security Made in Israel

Israel Aserospace Industries (IAI) has made an advanced, high-speed incredible boat for maritime. The latest Surface Vessel (USV) is named “Katana”, it’s a combat maritime system. There is an amazing technology of dual operational mode that allows for fully autonomous operation managed through an advanced command and control station.

Key Features of Katana:

  • Operational Capability – up to Sea State 4
  • Survivability – up to sea state 6
  • Mission Range – 350nm
  • Engine – 2 x 560hp Maritime Diesel Engines
  • Cruising Speed – 30kn
  • Maximum Speed – 60kn

katana boat

Katana has multifunctional vessels that are why Katana is compatible with different systems offered by IAI, and supports the completely integrated security solutions the developer gives. The most amazing fact about this boat is that there is a dual mode operation by which user can control it from a distance and to control it user doesn’t have to sit in that boat. User can also control combat operational mode.

Katana has a wide range of applications for HLS and the protection of Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ), including – harbor security, patrol of shallow coastal and territorial waters, surface and electronic warfare and offshore platform protection. There are also plus oil rigs, pipelines and many more features that you can never imagined.

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