Micron Confirms GDDR5X RAM Now in Huge Production

The title may be a bit confusing to you all but it is true that Micron announced that GDDR5X is now in mass production. Great graphics card manufacturer Nividia already said that the GeForce GTX 1080 will use the GDDR5X RAM. But according to Micron the RAM will be in market within some months ahead of its originally expected schedule. Isn’t this cool that this super-fast and efficient RAM is going to be in market so soon.


You will get astonished by knowing an interesting fact about Nvidia’s GTX 1080. The fact about this graphics card is that it uses a RAM at the lower-end of the memory Micron. The GDDR5X preciously provided up to 12.0 GB/s of bandwidth in quad-data rate (QDR) mode. Nvidia has narrated that the GTX 1080 uses only 10 GB/s memory which at the lower-end of the scale. One major advantage of beginning at the very lowers-end is that the manufacturer has well-enough of headroom to scale in the future.


The exact bandwidth on the GTX 1080 is about 320GB/s, which is almost similar to the previous version of Nvidia’s GTX 980 Ti and GTX 980 has got a 256-bit memory. To control the size of die and lower the production costs they kept the size of the memory bus small. Because large ring buses take too much die space and absorb a significant amount of power.

GDDR4 or latest standard?

As per our research the GDDR5X will be quite similar to GDDR4 the previous version. GDDR4 was first introduced by AMD in 2006 to improvise the memory bandwidth and the GPU performance. Nvidianever moves to GDDR4 instead of GDDR4 they used GDDR3 until this latest one the GDDR5 became available. AMD is also switched to GDDR5 after using GDDR4 for three years.

AMD hasn’t yet confirmed that they are going to use the brand-new standard GDDR5X in their upcoming products but Nvidia will use the brand-new standard GDDR5X for their next upcoming product GTX 1080.

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