microsoft and facebook building transatlantic cable

Microsoft and Facebook Want to Boost up the Web Speed with a 160 Tbps Transoceanic Cable

All the cellular networks and Wi-Fi we use is still made on well-old physical cables and the internet we use that is also built with these good-old technology physical cable. There is a gigantic fiber optic cables that is under the whole Atlantic Ocean. This wire technology didn’t change for a few years, so now is the time to change this technology and boost up the speed of internet. Microsoft and Facebook are going to change the ocean cable technology to boost up the speed of Web. Both this tech giant has been teamed up to make the most powerful transatlantic cable and the giant cable is going to run under the entire Atlantic Ocean.

marea cable

They named the cable MAREA and it is assumed that the cable is going to have a capacity of 160 terabytes per second at the beginning and in future this speed can be increased. The most important and good part about this cable is that the cable is designed in such a way that the cable is upgradable as per the improvement of the technology. The length of the cable is around 6,600 kilometer which is very long and the cable can cover a big space of Atlantic Ocean. The cable will be controlled and operated by a new telecommunications company named Telxius and it will run from Virginia, USA to Bilbao, Spain.

The goal of this technology is to provide more reliable connections to everyone. Most recent transatlantic cables run from the New York and New Jersey to northern Europe. To connect the US to Southern Europe MAREA will be the first cable. MAREA will also connect to network hubs in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

The companies are thinking to get rid of some existing connections that will help to build stronger and more reliable connections in these areas.

The making of MAREA will start in August 2016 and the connection will be ready to boost up live in October 2017.

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