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Photoshop Obtains ‘Shazam for Fonts’ Artificial Intelligence Tool

Developer Adobe tells its DeepFont feature as “Shazam for Fonts”. It is a reference to the song-recognizing app, which can identify music. The feature is going to work from the next update of Photoshop from Adobe. Adobe Photoshop is an image editing software as you all know. The new feature of the Photoshop will work on the both platform of mobile and desktop versions. To have this feature activated user will need a Creative Cloud Subscription. So that is not for free, user will have to pay a subscription fee.

According to an expert the tool can probably be popular with professionals, who often struggle to identify a design.

User can use other font-matching online services, which are already exists. But Adobe recommended the machine learning technology behind its system gave it an edge.

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Firstly Adobe unleashed that it was developing a point-and-click way to identify fonts last year, but it waited until now to confirm its rollout. The company kept the process on the computer servers of the company.

Adobe used an algorithm that detect the curves and other characteristics of the selected text and then compares them to a database of about 20,000 fonts. That’s a huge amount of font. From this font user will get the desire one to use on their image editing. The algorithm is made with such a way that it can spot similarities between millions of images, so user doesn’t have to find a direct match. Actually the algorithm works with snapshots, photos of printed examples and even scribbled sketches.

According to Anil Kamath, head of the company’s data science; “User just needs to highlight the area of the text that need to be identified and it will give the user a list of the top five fonts that match what user highlighted”.

This feature can be applied to an image that user can take with their phones. So overall this new tool will be great upgrade from Adobe.

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