xbox one price

Xbox One Might be Updated This Year by Microsoft

There was many rumors going on about the latest update of “Playstation NEO”, but now it is confirmed that the latest Playstation NEO will be a 4k resolution gaming beast. On the other hand Microsoft is planning a couple of great surprises of its own platform Xbox. They are going launch a latest version of […]


To Compete with Google Assistant and Viv Microsoft is Making its Own Bot

We all are familiar with conversational bots, which can understand difficult voice commands and by following that command it can also complete tasks. Nowadays these conversational bots are rapidly becoming popular. Recently in this month the inventors of Siri revealed their creation VIv, which did two tasks very efficiently. These two tasks are, it ordered […]

microsoft and facebook building transatlantic cable

Microsoft and Facebook Want to Boost up the Web Speed with a 160 Tbps Transoceanic Cable

All the cellular networks and Wi-Fi we use is still made on well-old physical cables and the internet we use that is also built with these good-old technology physical cable. There is a gigantic fiber optic cables that is under the whole Atlantic Ocean. This wire technology didn’t change for a few years, so now […]


Rumors Addressed by EA on Upcoming Xbox One, PS4 Upgrades

Electronic Arts (EA) is a very famous gaming company. The earning call of EA for the fourth quarter of its fiscal year held on May 11 2016. In that function they revealed their own thoughts on whether or not Microsoft and Sony are releasing new console designs. They also shared that how these upgrading plans […]