Thanks to GitHub for Removing Streaks

Good news for the coders and programmer of GitHub, now GitHub Streaks are disposed and it is gone forever. Some days before, GitHub announced that it was making a great change to the contribution graphs to reflect private and open submits. It also removed the metric that could track how long you have been active together.

Here’s the announcement of GitHub –

As part of this update, code streaks are no longer featured on your contribution graph. The simplified interface focuses on the work you’re doing rather than the duration of your activity.


Nothing can be happier than this news. Some heady developers used Streaks often as bullshit metric. These developers liked to hit their chest about how much they are giving effort by contributing to open source projects. This fucking way of working of this developer was just nonsensical and others hated it most.

Many developers work so hard for open source to build some more projects. They contribute every single day. They also contribute in fixing a spelling mistake or fleshing up some syntax, which is totally a lie. Despite of this sort of hard work they weren’t appreciated and they heard some mock about their work.

GitHub now has both features of public and private contributions, which is more exciting and solid metric for what work people may actually want to be doing. This feature will be more useful and helpful for those who want to do the land jobs.

Companies of GitHub usually don’t keep their source code bases in the open air market, instead they choose private feature to keep their source code bases secure. Their developers and engineers can also work in peace without any interruptions in the private feature of GitHub. GitHub will allow to the user to use private feature according to the work status.

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