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This Year Google will Block Flash Content in Chrome

Flash is a part of web in web browser. We need this plugin for browsing and watching videos on web. A few years ago Flash were an indistinct part of web. Almost every browser has it and it is most popular among users. Without Adobe’s plugin you won’t be able to watch videos. In time of browsing if there is no Flash then this means there are broken videos, menus and plenty of frustration. Flash was never actually a good experience and now most websites are avoiding this plugin to make their websites great. Recently Flash is actually known for its inappropriate impact on performance and security issues. For all this reasons Google is finally taking an attempt to put an end to this plugin. The browser of Google; Chrome will no longer use Flash at the end of this year which means that Chrome will not load the Flash content directly. User will have to whitelist websites that run Flash.

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According to Google this step is named as “HTML5 by Default”. Chrome has set with a bundled version of Flash player for some years now and it will continue to do this. This was never a bad effect on Flash but it was recognition of the security risk. Now users don’t need to run old and insecure builds as the flash id bundled with the latest version of Chrome. In time of switching to this plan of Google, that plugin will not load automatically Flash content. There is less Flash content on web now as you can see while browsing.

Recently many sites is starting to use HTML5 for rich media content, it happened because of the increasing number of mobile devices. HTML5 is more efficient and allows better scaling across devices. Even the advertisers also started to use HTML5 to get the best performance and security. This probably the best reason from other reasons to block this Flash.

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