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Windows will Change the Hardware Requirements for the First Time in the Upgrade of Windows 10

From the launch of Windows Vista in 2007, the minimum hardware requirements for Windows did not change at all. Windows 7 changed the minimum hardware requirement a bit by increasing the required storage footprint from 15GB of HDD space to 16GB. Now in the latest update of Windows 10, which will launch in the 10th Anniversary of Windows, there will be three important changes for the first time since last seven years.

First Requirements is RAM requirements, which was 1GB for 32-bit installations of the OS and 2 GB for 64-bit installations, which will now increased upto 2GB across both platforms. The improvement of memory is not going to impact anyone so much but system builders, and the overwhelming majority of systems recently ship with more than 2GB of memory anyway. Windows 10 will technically run using less than the minimum amount of memory like other versions of Windows.

The second change that has been made in the requirements is that new devices implement support for TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 2.0 either as part of the device’s farmware or through a separate physical chip. This change will also be available in the Anniversary update of Windows 10. To secure the device and provide a secured storage area for cryptographic keys, they used a TPM. This requirement is not applicable to device upgrade, which is why so many various types of computers from last seven years have no problem upgrading to Windows 10.If you are buying new hardware, it needs to support TPM 2.0.

The latest upgrade also has certain biometric security authentication in Windows 10. And it also helps to ensure that media playback on Windows 1 devices is secured and can’t be copied as easily.

The last but not the least is an expansion of the display sizes for each operating system variant. In the previous version of Windows 10 Mobile was specified for devices with up to 7.9-inches.

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