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Xbox One Might be Updated This Year by Microsoft

There was many rumors going on about the latest update of “Playstation NEO”, but now it is confirmed that the latest Playstation NEO will be a 4k resolution gaming beast. On the other hand Microsoft is planning a couple of great surprises of its own platform Xbox. They are going launch a latest version of Xbox One, which will be smaller in size and cheaper in cost. But they will keep the name as its predecessor. The name will be only ‘ONE’, but there will also be a code name of this latest version ‘Scorpio’. This version is all set to give users the best performance ever with a more powerful GPU, which will be able to handle an Oculus Rift swiftly.

According to a report by Kotaku – Microsoft is going to get a deal done with Oculus Rift, which is going to make this a reality.

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Microsoft is not making anything clear about the release date of “Scorpio”, but it is said that the latest version will be released in 2017. The specs of this new version will make you speechless. The new version will have a 2TB hard drive, which is double the capacity of its existing hardware and a GPU that will be able to handle 4k and VR but the I/O transfer speed will be same as the existing one. All these features will be stunner for the game freaks specially the 4k resolution and the VR technology.

If you are familiar with the plans of Microsoft then this would be a great surprise for you that the new version of Xbox One will be a PC-like evolution of iterative console releases rather than huge upgrades each five to seven years. A lot of changes might happen in this course of time and maybe Microsoft and Sony rapidly realizes that the money is in bigger.

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