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How to buy hosting from bluehost hosting -2021:

How to purchase hosting from Bluehost? How to Buy Bluehost India hosting?  We all know, sites are created on blogger and wordpress to make websites on the internet.  But to make a website on WordPress, hosting is needed, you all know this.  Buying and hosting for websites is easy.  But where to buy hosting for blog in India?  Which hosting to buy?  The best web host provides hosting.  Etc. Today we are going to tell everyone with a full guide in Hindi here.

To buy Hosting, the question remains for every blogger even today. If you are also looking for the answer to this question, then this post is for you.  There are many hosting companies available to create website blogs on WordPress.  Hostgator or Bluehost company is the most used in India.  Because it is both the best and cheap rate hosting.  You can buy from both these host sites, which are providing in India with the lowest price offers.

Now we talk.How to buy a web hosting website from Hostgator?  How to buy Bluehost hosting from India? You will know step by step with full guide details.

Bluehost hosting is India’s best hosting, which is the best of all the providers.This makes daily traffic from 20k to 1 lakh or more suitable.This hosting is most fast loading and server connectivity powerfully.  It has all kinds of hosting available,

It offers many types – Linux hosting, windows hosting, WordPress hosting, Linux Reseller hosting or windows Reseller hosting.  Here you can buy all types of hosting from big to small.  Windows hosting is the most expensive hosting.  And to make a normal website blog in India, Linux hosting is mostly used.  Because it is not less than anyone.  And windows hosting is used to create websites like Amazon, Flipkart for most traffic.

I told you in the previous post.  How to buy a domain?  To buy hosting from Bluehost in India, you do not have to buy a separate domain.  Because it is giving a free domain together.  Who can buy a domain for free with all plans.  If you have already purchased the domain.  So you can sign up for hosting from that domain.  And the free new domain that we got.  If you want it, you can use it later. Or you can buy it anytime.  Which is a very good offer.

How to Buy Bluehost Hosting [How to Buy Bluehost Hosting?]

 Step-1 Go To Bluehost site-

 First go to the India Bluehost website, and click on the hosting options and choose Linux hosting.

 Step-2 Your Hosting Plans-

 After selecting Linux hosting, you will have plans shown in front of you.  Which is different.  All these plans will be like this, they will know the details in Hindi easily.

 1.country (India & US)If you want to buy hosting for english website, traffic comes more than the US (United States).  So you have to select and buy a US Country.  And if there is more traffic than India, then buy hosting from India.

 2. Choose hosting Plans- If you want to buy hosting for your website, then you have many plans in front of you, such as choosing a standard plan for 1 website.  Business plan will have to be taken for 3 websites.  And if you want to make more than 3 websites, then you have to take a Pro Plan with unlimited domain.  In this way, this 3 Package is available, my suggestion is that you choose Business Plan Hosting for 3 websites for 3 years (36 Months).  Because the Bluehost company does not offer any discount to renew later.

Bluehost hosting will tell you once about the information of Linux plans details, so that later on you do not have any problem in getting hosting plans.

Standard Plan: -Only one website can be made in this plan.  And you can host only one website.  In which 50GB disk space or unlimited data transfer, bandwidth will be given.  This is a very low price and best plan.  The standard plan for a website will be best.  And subdomain can be up to 25.

 Business Plan: -This plan is used to create and host more than one website.  If you want to run or use more than one website, then the business hosting package plan will be best for you.  Because you can add 3 domains in the business hosting package, you can host hosting for three websites.  Which will have unlimited bandwidth facility.  There is also an advantage in this, if you want to run more than one website in future, then you will not have to buy another hosting.  You do not have to pay separately for this.  And subdomain can be made unlimited.

 Pro plan: –This is the only difference from the business plan, more than 3 websites can be made in it.  This pro package plan is better for high level traffic.  This plan is the best plan for e-commerce and business.  In which facility like dedicated ip, 1 Domain Privacy, or Site-Backup Pro is also provided.

 Step-3 Free Domain Claim-

 By purchasing this hosting from Bluehost, you will get a free domain.  Click “buy now” to take your hosting plan.  Then there will be a pop-up show above, which will say about the domain.  It will be like this- “Do you already have a domain for your hosting plan?”  This means, “Do you already have a domain for your hosting plan?”  If it is already there, click on “no”.

 Note: – If you have already registered the domain, then they can use it.With free domain you can use it in future also.

 Step-4 uncheck Additional service-

 After selecting the domain, disable additional service.  Because Bluehost hosting adds additional service itself with the plan, which incurs extra charge.  So additional service has to be disabled.

 Click “continue >>” in Last.  For this, you can see the image below.

Step-5 Your Order Summary Bluehost hosting-

 After clicking continue in the last, on the next page you will be shown the details after the hosting order summary.  Where you can see the total payment.  Currently Bluehost India has discount offers running 30% in India.  Bluehost hosting can be availed for less money by putting coupon code “BHFRCOM30HOST”.  This offer can be availed from 13th August to 30th August.

 If you want, you can reset the coupon code again. And add your coupon.

After checking the complete details, click on “Proceed to payment”.

Step-6 Bluehost Hosting Sign in / Sign Up

 After this, Bluehost signs in or signs up.  If you already have an account, login by entering username and password.  No, click on “Create an account” to create a new id.

To create an account on Bluehost India Hosting, you can create a new ID by following the steps given below.

  •  Full name- Enter your name

  •  email address- enter your gmail id here

  •  Type password in both password and confirm. (Both passwords must be the same)

  •  mobile – enter your phone number

  •  country- select your country’s name (if you are from India, select India)

  •  state- select state name here

  •  zip code – insert pin code here

  •  city ​​- enter your city name

  •  address – enter full address of home

  •  GST id – Insert GST id here (if GST id is not there, leave it blank)

  •  Click “Create account” in the end.

 Step-7 Payment Options (Bluehost Hosting payment)

 After creating an account on your Bluehost hosting, you will be given access to the options of next page payment.  I am telling you here by paying with a debit card.  Because nowadays everyone has debit cards.  Let’s start.

To make payment here, select “Netbanking / Debit Card”.  And click on “pay now”.  Thus, it may take up to 1-10 minutes for the payment process to take place.  After the payment is complete, a message will come to your Gmail, in which the details of the Bluehost hosting user name and c-panel will be found.  You will have to install the WordPress website by login.  And WordPress website blog can start | Bluehost India Se hosting Kaise Buy Kare?

How to Buy Bluehost Hosting:

Even bluehost India is the best and popular hosting.Because there is no blog server down in it.  Perfect in almost everything.Buy 3 year plan to buy hosting from bluehost india|Because it does not offer any kind of discount for further renewal or use after 3 years.So my suggestion session is that if you can, buy bluehost se hosting for 3 years.So it will be your best.

I hope Bluehost se hosting kaise kharide?  step by step puri jankari guide?  You have understood by reading the post.  And you must have bought hosting as well.  If there is any problem in Bluehost hosting buy (buy), then we can ask questions through comment.  And you must have got help in reading this post in Hindi easily.  Please tell us once, how was this post?

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