Best Colleges in Massachusetts

Choosing an online college

If you want to earn a degree at a private college or university in Massachusetts but aren’t interested in attending a physical college campus, Boston is the place to start. It is also a fantastic place to learn how to be an online student.

It has some of the best resources available to online learners in the country, and most of the universities are members of the prestigious National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). If you’re interested in attending a four-year private college, especially a selective private liberal arts institution, your best bet is to check out an institution in Boston.

The Top 10 Colleges in Massachusetts

However, while Massachusetts is known for its excellence in education, certain universities are renowned for being top-notch, including Boston University, Founded in 1853; Boston University is one of the oldest colleges in the state and a pillar of the Boston Area.

The university’s reputation as an academic institution, its all-encompassing community and beautiful campus make it an institution with a global profile and reputation. Tufts University Tufts University is a Boston-based university that is also well known for its location. Nestled in a picturesque Boston neighbourhood known as the Fenway, it’s an iconic institution opened in 1904.

1 Boston, MA

While Boston boasts one of the nation’s largest urban campuses, its renowned private university, Harvard University, is somewhat an outlier. The surrounding city of Cambridge has a well-renowned school of engineering –MIT – and a traditional liberal arts university, Tufts University.

Other schools in the town include Bentley University and Northeastern University. Part of the reason why Boston is so well-supported is the city’s density, which has helped create an attractive and open college environment. The area surrounding Boston and Cambridge has hundreds of pubs, bars, and restaurants, so there’s always a place to go to grab a pint.

2.Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, in eastern Massachusetts, is famous for its colourful collages. Perhaps the most well-known is Harvard University, a leafy, ivy-covered manor that lies in a valley surrounded by 19th-century housing blocks and green lawns, offering incomparable views of the city of Cambridge.

The area has recently undergone a massive expansion of university campuses, with Harvard’s expansion projects including the controversial Harvard Business School and the gigantic Jacob Javits Center, just south of the main campus. However, although located only 15 minutes from Boston, Cambridge has a quiet, relaxed feel that is perhaps unrivalled in the US, giving students the space they need to study.

3.Amherst, MA

With more than 4,200 undergraduate students at Amherst College alone, USP Global’s research showed Amherst is the most popular campus in Massachusetts. The university boasts cutting edge interdisciplinary academic programs, including The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, and strives to offer students a breadth of educational opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.

In addition, Amherst’s College of Arts and Sciences attracts many students with its impressive science and mathematics programs, including a joint biomedical sciences program with the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

4 Worcester, MA

The University of Massachusetts, Amherst With 52 undergraduate programmes, 21 Masters programmes and 38 PhD programmes, UMass Amherst’s degrees are by no means lacking in range. Additionally, this country’s largest university also boasts an impressive array of medical and graduate programmes.

Given the school’s reputation as an institution for life-long learning, this level of educational versatility is made all the more impressive. MIT, Cambridge, MA Massachusetts Institute of Technology Founded in 1861 as an engineering college, MIT has since evolved into a global leader in many fields, including science and technology.

Springfield, MA

One of the longest continuously occupied settlements in the New World, Springfield was the Massachusetts capital of government until the formation of Boston in 1630. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus is centrally located in the city and is easily accessible by public transit. With approximately 145,000, the city offers vibrant nightlife, lively cultural scenes, plenty of bars, restaurants and nightclubs, and one of the country’s best local music scenes.

North Easton, MA

For thousands of Asian families, a college education is just a wise investment in their children’s future, as they strongly believe that a college education leads to an abundance of economic opportunities, particularly for students seeking careers in the fields of science, technology engineering, and mathematics.

If that’s the case for you, the College of the Atlantic is the perfect fit. Established in 1959, it is a top choice of students looking for an independent, academic atmosphere, where the social and physical well-being of every community member is paramount and where students and faculty work toward a common goal.

Lowell, MA

Lowell was founded as a company town and the first “mill town” in the US, its role at the forefront of the textile trade. While recent trends have hard hit the mill industry and economy, Lowell has reinvented itself as a “Greenwich Village” of environmentally-conscious tech companies, with clean-tech startups like Eolas and Solaria joining the area’s traditionally strong university and hospital presence.

Tufts University  “Sesame Street” and “Cosby Show” have nothing on “Professor Bites Dog,” Tufts University’s three-headed horror film about a mundane college professor who stumbles upon a horrific curse in his doctoral thesis.

The best of the best

At No.1, Harvard University offers free tuition to all its admitted students, along with generous financial aid and resources to students from all economic backgrounds. For students seeking more personalized attention, McLean, Va.-based Washington College is worth a look.

You’ll find low tuition, high degrees, a campus that puts the world on your doorstep and plenty of opportunities to get involved. [See: The Best Online College in the U.S. for Quality.] At No. 2, Amherst College has a legacy of giving back to the local community that few colleges can match. Its College Fund honours the traditions of both Amherst and neighbouring Hampshire College, which merged with Amherst in 2007. At No. 3, Williams College in Williamstown, Mass.

How to choose a school for you

So, which city should you apply to college in? What if you want to study abroad? Or you’re in middle school? Related: 10 of the Best College Towns in America Hitting the road: Going far from home Let’s start with your commute. Considering you could get stuck on a crowded subway, a lengthy car ride to and from Boston can be a tough sell. But think of the vacations you’ll save:

If you’re going to Boston College, you might as well make a weekend of it and head up to Maine for a road trip, catching lobsters and perhaps a whale or two along the way. Further out, the commute is less of an issue: Many colleges have weekend programs that give you a taste of campus life without all the formalities, like a tour of a university hall of residence or a party at the on-campus bar.


Boston is the perfect place for anyone who values the intellectual challenge of a challenging position. It’s also the ideal place to meet the partners you have been dreaming about all your life.

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